BOR Contact Details

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Mrs. Anatoly (Karen) Arutunoff, Business Regent,
Entrepreneur: OK BMW
Address: 1329 E. 29th St., Tulsa, OK 74114-5301
Phone/Fax: 918-743-0891
Email: ten.vtbew|ffonuturAylotanA#ten.vtbew|ffonuturAylotanA
BMW of Tulsa
9702 S Memorial Dr
Tulsa, OK 74133
(918) 663-4444
Business Regent:
BIO: Wife of Anatoly. Guest, Recipe Contributor: Make My Day Count
Reverend Kenneth Copeland, (attended 67-69) Business Regent, Minister
Kenneth Copeland Ministries
Copyright © 1997-2007. Eagle Mountain International Church, Incorporated, aka Kenneth Copeland Ministries
Eagle Mountain International Church
14355 Morris Dido Road, Newark, TX 76071
Mailing Address: Eagle Mountain International Church
Kenneth Copeland Ministries
Fort Worth, TX 76192
Mr. Michael Cardone, Jr., (70) Associate Regent,
President – Auto Manufacturing Company,
Cardone Industries, Inc.
Address: 5501 Whitaker Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19124
Fax: 215/912-3830
Email: moc.enodrac|rjleahcim#moc.enodrac|rjleahcim
Dr. Scott Cordray, (83) Business Regent,
Surgical Physician, Oasis Nasal Spray and Wash,
Business Address: 725 Country Wood Way, Sapulpa, OKLAHOMA 74066
Home Address: 4125 S. Chestnut Ave. Broken Arrow, OK 74011.
Home Phone : (918) 451-7066
Email: ten.xoc|yardrocttocs#ten.xoc|yardrocttocs
Reverend Billy Joe Daugherty, (74;92-M.A.Th.;00-D.Min.) Business Regent, Minister
Victory Christian Center
Phone Number: 918/496-0700
Address: Victory Christian Center
7700 South Lewis Ave.
Tulsa, OK 79136
Phone: 918- 491-7700
Email: gro.aslutyrotciv|ofni#gro.aslutyrotciv|ofni
Email: ude.uro|ytrehguadjb#ude.uro|ytrehguadjb
Reverend Creflo A. Dollar, (Honorary Doc.) Business Regent, Minister
World Changers Church International
Main Office: 770-210-5700
Facsimile: (770) 210-5731
E-mail: gro.sregnahcdlrow|sretiurcer#gro.sregnahcdlrow|sretiurcer
World Changers Human Resources Office, Suite 5907
2500 Burdett Road
U.S. Postal Service: World Changers Church International
P.O. Box 490124
College Park, GA 30349-0349
Reverend Jesse G. Duplantis, (99-Honorary Doc.) Business Regent, Minister
Jesse Duplantis Ministries
Address: P.O. Box 2608
Hammond, LA 70404-2608
Phone: 985.764.2000
Email: gro.mdj|ofni#gro.mdj|ofni
Reverend Ulf Ekman, Associate Regent,
President, Livets Ord University, Sweden
Ulf Ekman Ministries
PO Box 701228
Tulsa, OK
Emails: gro.namkeflu|asu#gro.namkeflu|asu; gro.namkeflu|ku#gro.namkeflu|ku
Mr. Richard Fenimore, (77;79-MBA) Business Regent,
President, Trinity Chemical Industries,
Trinity Chemical Industries Inc.
Global Transportation, Storage & Distribution Logistics
Geophysical Resource Center
8801 South Yale Ave. - Suite 210
Tulsa, OK 74137-3535
Mailing Address:
PO Box 701436
Tulsa, OK 74170
Office: (918) 495-3500
Fax: (918) 495-3561
Toll Free: (888) 638-2642
Reverend Charles Green, Business Regent, Minister
Faith Church, Founding Pastor
Harvest Ministries, President
Address: Harvest Ministries to the World
P.O. Box 40347B
Baton Rouge, LA 70835-0347
Chairman-Executive Committee
Email: ten.xoc|neerg-selrahc#ten.xoc|neerg-selrahc
Reverend John C. Hagee, (Honorary Doc.) Business Regent, Minister
John Hagee Ministries
PO Box 1400
San Antonio, TX 78295-1400
Physical Address:
239 N Loop 1604 W
San Antonio, TX 78232
(800) 854-9899
(210) 494-3900
(210) 494-3900 voice
(210) 494-5536 fax
email: gro.mhj|troppus#gro.mhj|troppus
Cornerstone Church
18755 Stone Oak Parkway
San Antonio, TX 78258
(210) 490-1600 phone
(210) 490-1600 voice
(210) 490-3385 fax
Mr. Michael Armand Hammer, Business Regent,
Businessman – Chairman of Board,
Armand Hammer Foundation
Los Angeles, CA, 90025-3333
Reverend Marilyn Hickey, (Honorary Doc.) Business Regent, Minister
Marilyn Hickey Ministries
Dr. I.V. Hilliard, Business Regent, Minister
New Light Christian Center
Phone: 281.875.4448
Could not get his “Contact” button to activate on his website.
Reverend Benny Hinn, (Honorary Doc.) Business Regent, Minister
World Healing Center Church
P.O. Box 162000
Irving , TX , 75016-2000
This Is Your Day!
P.O. Box 162000
Irving , TX , 75016-2000
Customer Service:
Phone: 877-227-6368
Phone: 800-433-1900
Email: gro.nnihynneb.liami|ecivresc#gro.nnihynneb.liami|ecivresc
Email: gro.nnihynneb.liami|tseuqerofni#gro.nnihynneb.liami|tseuqerofni
Mr. Barry G. Hon, Business Regent,
Trans-World Telecom Caribbean Ltd. (Cayman Island Corporation)
The Golf and Cayman Island Connection
Real Estate Developer
Hon Development Company
25200 La Plaz Road, Suite 210
Laguna Hills, CA 92653-5134
Private Company, Headquarters Location
27422 Portola Pkwy., Ste. 300, Foothill Ranch, CA, United States
(949)586-4400, (949)581-4574 fax,
Dr. Myles Munroe, (78) Business Regent, Minister
Bahamas Faith Ministries International
Diplomat Center
Carmichael Highway
Nassau, Bahamas
Glenda Payas, DMD ('86, Honorary J.D.-06) Business Regent, Dentist
5314 South Yale Suite 1100
Tulsa, OK 74135
(918) 492-3003
Email: moc.asluttsitnednoitades|sayaprd#moc.asluttsitnednoitades|sayaprd
Reverend George Pearsons, (attended 75-76) Vice Chairman & Business Regent, Minister
Eagle Mountain International Church
Email: ude.uro|nosraepg#ude.uro|nosraepg
Henry Penix, Business Regent, Entrepreneur
Henry Penix Ministries
Phone: 800-260-4603
Bishop Michael S.B. Reid, (02-D. Min., 03-Honorary D.D.) Associate Regent, Minister
Peniel Pentecostal Church
49 Coxtie Green Road
Pilgrims Hatch,CM14 5PS169
Phone: 011-44-1277-372-996
Email: moc.mpah|ofni#moc.mpah|ofni
Reverend Jerry Savelle, Business Regent, Minister
Jerry Savelle Ministries International
Reverend Bill Scheer, Business Regent, Minister
Guts Ministries, Inc.
Mr. Charles E. Watson, Business Regent,
Businessman/Owner-Car Dealership
Charlie Watson Ford Lincoln Mercury

Spiritual Regents

Evelyn Roberts (1917 – 2005)
Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association
Lifetime Spiritual Trustee
Oral Roberts University
Lifetime Spiritual Regent

Lindsay Roberts
Minister and Executive Vice President
Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association
Lifetime Spiritual Trustee
Oral Roberts University
Lifetime Spiritual Regent

G. Oral Roberts
Minister and Chairman Emeritus
Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association
Lifetime Spiritual Trustee
Founder and Chancellor
Oral Roberts University
Lifetime Spiritual Regent

Richard Roberts, M.A., D.Min.(85,92,00), D.D.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association
Lifetime Spiritual Trustee
President and Chief Executive Officer
Oral Roberts University
Lifetime Spiritual Regent

BOR Emeritus Names and Contact Information

Mr. James M. Blanchett , Retired Construction Company Owner, Regent Emeritus
No info on web.
Mr. David Del Zotto, Businessman – Construction Company, Regent Emeritus
5 Via Del Zotto Drive
Scotia, New York 12302
Phone: 518.399.4963
Fax: 518.399.4982
DelZotto & Son Builders
Lino Del Zotto & Son Builders, Inc.
5 Via Del Zotto, Glenville
Lino "David" Del Zotto
Email: moc.sredliubottozled|divad#moc.sredliubottozled|divad
Mr. Frank Holder, Retired Businessman, Regent Emeritus
Griffin-Holder Co.
700 Kipling St., Suite, 4000
Lakewood, CO 80215
Phone: (303) 239-4114
Fax: (303) 239-4125
Reverend Ozro T. Jones, Jr., Minister, Regent Emeritus
Holy Temple Church of God in Christ
6000 Callowhill Street
Philadelphia, PA 19139
Phone: 215-747-2266
Reverend Terry Law, ('69 B.A., '88 LL.D) Minister, Regent Emeritus
Terry Law Ministries
P.O. Box 92
Tulsa, OK. 74101
tel: 918.492.2858
fax: 918.496.9073
Reverend John Meares, Minister, Regent Emeritus
Bishop John L. Meares, Pastor
Evangel Cathedral Ministries
Upper Marlboro, Maryland,
Goes by several names: Evangel Temple, Evangel Cathedral, Evangel Church
13901 Central Avenue
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774
Jere D. Melilli, Medical Physician, Regent Emeritus
7386 Highland Road,
Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)
Phone: (225) 926-4435
The Family Clinic
Christian Life Fellowship
Richard Pearson, (77) Businessman, Regent Emeritus
Pearson Bus Sales Ltd.
950 Colborne St. W
Brantford, ON N3T 5L7
Phone: (519) 756 1647
Fax: (519) 756 8296
Email: moc.subnosraep|kcir#moc.subnosraep|kcir
Reverend Karl D. Strader, Regent Emeritus, Minister
Carpenter’s Home Church
Mr. Eldon Thorman, Regent Emeritus, Businessman
Hotel and Restaurant Industry
Mr. Charles Trebilcock, Regent Emeritus, Businessman
Kings Co.
Mr. John Whitsitt, Regent Emeritus, Businessman
Financial Planning
Ralph Wilkerson, Regent Emeritus,
Minister and President
Millenium Missions
James E. Winslow, Jr., M.D., Regent Emeritus,
Medical Physician
Southern Plains Medical Center
Regent Emeritus

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