Dr. Mark Lewandowski Letter of Resignation

November 15, 2007

To George Pearsons
Oral Roberts University Board of Regents

Dear Pastor George,

The ORU students, faculty, staff and alumni are far too precious to be forced to put up with a culture of fear any longer. As Provost of ORU, I had begun to be part of the culture of fear that had been at ORU for years. I find it hypocritical to call for Richard Roberts’ resignation, as I did yesterday in the tenured faculty meeting, without offering my own resignation for the consideration of the ORU Board of Regents.

Many current adminstrators and I are concerned that the ORU Board of Regents with the exception of a few bold individuals are waffling in their decision making and are considering the reinstatement of Richard Roberta even in the face of overwhelming information of a management style that promotes fear and has done nothing to address the increasing debt of the university. If Richard Roberts is reinstated as President or in any other capacity within the university, I can not in good conscience serve under his leadership.

Therefore, I offer for the consideration of the ORU Board of Regents my resignation to be voted upon November 27, 2007 at the regents meeting. If Richard Roberts resigns or is not reinstated I would be pleased to continue to serve ORU at the pleasure of the regents. The faculty, students and staff deserve an opportunity to teach, learn and work in an environment of peace and loving support.

Mark Lewandowski, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost

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