ORU - List of Honorary Doctorates

This is certainly incomplete and there may well be errors

Kathryn Johanna Kuhlman (Doctor of Humane Letters (D.H.L.) 1972)
Rex Humbard Sr. (Doctor of Laws 1973)
Rev. Tommy Tyson (D.D. 1975)
D.B. Wilkerson (1980)
John H. Williams (Doctor of Laws 1982)
Fred K.C. Price (D.D. 1982)
Pat Robertson (D.D. 1983)
Bob Hope (D.H.L. 1983)
Rev. Anne Gimenez (D.D. 1985)
Rev. Karl Strader (1985)
Pastor Bob Willhite (1987)
Earl Paulk (D.D. 1987)
Reverend Thomas F. "Tommy" Reid (Doctor of Humane Letters 1987)
Michael Cardone Jr. (Doctor of Laws 1988)
Dr. Beverly Schmidgall (D.D. 1988)
John Hagee (1989)
Paul (David) Yonggi Cho (1989), his wife (?)
Kenneth Erwin Hagin
Marilyn Hickey (D.D. )
Morris Cerullo
David Shibley
Paul Crouch
Jan Crouch
Robert Tilton
Larry Lea
General Olesegun Obasanjo
Roosevelt Greer
Jamie Buckingham
Kenneth Copeland
Gloria Copeland
Benny Hinn
Myles Munroe
Jerry Savelle
Charles Green
Bishop Charles E. Blake
Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson
Clifton L. Taulbert (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Bishop John Gimenez (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Pastor Tommy Barnett (D.D.)
Edward Lawrence Goodwin (Doctor of Law)
Pastor Happy Caldwell (D.D.)
Maureen Kennedy Salaman
Pastor Don George (D.D.)
Peter J Daniels (Doctor of Humane Letters 1995)
Dr. Carl Hamilton (1998)
Joyce Meyer (D.D., 1998)
Nona Askew (1998)
Dr. Paul Paino (1998)
Creflo Dollar Jr. (D.D. 1998)
Jesse Duplantis (1999)
Alan Coriell (1999)
Rev. Frank Hultgren (1999)
Ulf Ekman (Doctor of Laws 2000)
Mother Grace Tucker (D.D. 2001)
Margaret Court (Doctor of Laws (PhdLLD) 2001)
Michael Reid (D.D. 2003)
James Netters (2003)
Patricia Salem White (2003)
Jeanne Mayo (D.D 2005)
Kirbyjon Caldwell (D.D. 2005)
Belarmino "Blackie" R. Gonzales (D.D. 2006)
Weldon L. Tisdale, Sr. (D.D. 2006)
Glenda Payas (Doctor of Laws 2006)
Henry Primeaux, Sr. (Doctor of Laws 2006)
Joel Osteen (2007)
Maj-Kristin Svedlund (2007)
Bishop Keith Butler (2007)
Tony Orlando (2007)

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