Roberta J. Potts

Roberta J. Potts, Attorney at Law - Skiatook, Oklahoma

According to Tulsa World:
The youngest of Oral and Evelyn Roberts' children. She graduated from Memorial High School and attended Oral Roberts University, where she majored in history. She married Ronald Stephen Potts in 1971 when she was a sophomore at ORU. Both are ORU graduates. They had two sons and in the mid-1970s, moved to Denver, where Ron Potts was a high-school physical-education instructor. She returned to Tulsa after her sister, Rebecca, died in a plane crash in 1977. Potts worked in the ORU administrative offices while attending law school. Oral Roberts, in a 1984 interview, said he expected to turn his empire over to Richard and Roberta. He described Potts as "Miss Inside" and Richard Roberts as "Mr. Outside."

She received a law degree from the now-defunct ORU School of Law, became the university's vice president of student affairs about 1987.
Her title was changed from vice president to dean of student affairs in
November 1989, but there was no official statement about the change.
Her position was taken over by longtime Roberts' friend and former university provost Carl Hamilton.

She resigned from ORU in January of 1990 under odd circumstances. Look her name up on the Tulsa World website for details.

In a brief, typewritten statement hand-delivered to the Tulsa World, Potts attributed her resignation to "compromises" made in the institution's financial and spiritual commitments.

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